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BLOODCARE products are excellent local haemostatic agents, with the haemostatic effect based on the oxidised cellulose features.

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BLOODCARE products belong to the group of local haemostats with the haemostatic effect based on the oxidised cellulose features, which have been known and commercially world-wide used for more than 50 years. The very first oxidised-cellulose based preparations were developed and used by armed forces in particular, however not only for its haemostatic effect but also for the healing impact.

They are indicated as a haemostatic device used to arrest capillary and minor venous bleeding and parenchymateous or osseous bleeding from resected or injured organ surfaces during surgical interventions.

BLOODCARE is biocompatible, biodegradable, non-acidifying haemostatic preparation of natural origin made from high quality alpha cellulose cotton. It causes no irritating reactions on the application area, is declared a hypoallergenic preparation well tolerated by the organism with no adverse effects as such that could have been reported.


BLOODCARE has bactericidal and bacteriostatic features due to the presence of carboxyl groups and low pH features, and presents also a significant effect on healing process in wounds.

BLOODCARE products are used in general surgery and digestive surgery, plastic surgery, orthopedy, gynaecology, urology, stomatology and all other branches of surgery, traumatology, and veterinary praxis.

Product name REF number Invoicing unit Sales unit Units in carton
BLOODCARE spray 1324003001 PC 1 1 pc
BLOODCARE powder, sterile 1324012001 PC 6 1 box. per 6 pc
BLOODCARE matrix 50x100mm, sterile 1324012201 PC 15 1 box. per 15 pc
BLOODCARE matrix 100x100mm, sterile 1324012202 PC 15 1 box per 15pc
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